Newsletter Coming In 2020, Send Us A Tip, and New Team Member

Newsletter Coming In 2020, Send Us A Tip, and New Team Member


In case you missed it, October News was launched just last week and we've been working hard to streamline our process for writing new articles, distributing news across our social media, and preparing for the upcoming weekly newsletter. We've also started plans to have the community send us a tip through our "Send Us a Tip" form. More information will be provided below.

Newsletter updates

So far, we've built out the functionality for storing email addresses, sending out emails, and handling any unsubscribe requests. Shoutout to the Campaign Manager plugin for making this easy for us! It has essentially given us the freedom to manage our own campaigns from the comfort of October CMS without any issues. Before adding this plugin to our workflow, we've been storing your email addresses (securely) in our database as a temporary measure while we figured out what we wanted to do with the weekly newsletter. During that time, if you became a subscriber prior to Nov. 19th, you would have noticed that confirmation emails weren't sent out. Now, that's been resolved, and you should start seeing a confirmation email from us to opt-in to the weekly newsletter. Be sure to check your spam folder if you haven't done so.

As far as sending out the weekly newsletters, we're still working on a sleek design for it and gathering more content to populate the newsletter. So I have decided to wait until next year to start sending out the newsletters. We really want to make weekly newsletters as helpful and content rich as possible, so stay tuned and expect more to come!

Newsletter Sections

Got a Tip?

Are you working on a new plugin or theme? Did you just launch a website that is powered by October CMS? Do you have a tutorial/guide idea you'd like to share with the community? Let us know! Fill out this quick form and tell us all about it.

We'd be happy to write a post for you, but it has to be October CMS, Laravel, or PHP related. That means you can talk about your October CMS plugins or themes, websites you've created with October CMS, or tutorials/guides you think could be helpful. Let us know more about it in the form provided.

New Team Member

Many of you will recognize him, as he is the core maintainer and community manager for October CMS. I'd like to welcome Luke Towers as a team member for October News! He will, in part, support the maintenance and development of the website and write articles for October News.