October CMS v462 Released

October CMS v462 Released

The October team is back at it again with another October CMS update! This one is pretty small, but important as it fixes a long standing irritating issue around JS sorting of items like menus and pages while also scrolling the page.

Here's the changelog on what's included in this new version:

UX/UI Improvements:

  • Documented session.http_only config property in the default config/session.php

API Changes:

  • Event logs are now double-encoded for HTML characters before being displayed as both HTML and text in the event log viewer. This allows encoded HTML entities to be parsed and displayed correctly in the HTML view, but displayed exactly as entered in the text view.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed janky behaviour with the javascript sortable plugin when sorting items on a scrollable container (affected RainLab.Sitemap, RainLab.Pages, Menus, etc).
  • Fixed issue where linked data in singular relation controller (hasOne or belongsTo) would remain populated in the relation fields even after unlinking or deleting the linked record.


  • Changed Laravel dependency to require 5.5.40 as a minimum due to the breaking change Laravel made in that version, some composer installs were not recognizing anything newer than 5.5.38 so this bump makes it more obvious that a stale composer is the issue.

To see the entire OctoberCMS changelog, visit octobercms.com/changelog. This changelog was pulled from the official OctoberCMS changelog repository here.