October CMS v456 Released

October CMS v456 Released

The October team is back at it again with another October CMS update! Here's the changelog on what's included in this new version:

UX/UI Improvements:

  • Added default "hard" (artisan down) maintenance mode view, able to be overridden by a maintenance.php file placed in the project root.
  • Added support for previewing SVG images in the Media Library

API Changes:

  • Added Url::buildUrl() method (along with helper http_build_url()) as a polyfill for the PECL HTTP http_build_url() function.
  • Added support for database-driven theme templates, enable cms.databaseTemplates to use it

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with hasMany relationship management by reverting some performance PRs to that process that were causing issues.
  • Fixed adding new dashboard widgets defaulting to full screen width instead of 5/6th of full screen.

To see the entire October CMS changelog, visit octobercms.com/changelog. This changelog was automatically pulled from the official October CMS changelog repository here.