October CMS v454 Released

October CMS v454 Released

The October team is back at it again with another October CMS update! Here's the changelog on what's included in this new version:

API Changes:

  • Moved RichEditor extending JS plugins into their own compiled file to eleminate the need to have the DRM vendor files present in order to build October's specific JS add-ons to the RichEditor
  • Added support for Filter widgets in the RelationController view and manage options

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where CSRF protection would prevent uploads directly in the RichEditor from succeeding by including the CSRF token in those requests
  • Fixed issue with scrolling backend lists on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue where the subject and / or user password in the user welcome email could be HTML encoded
  • Fixed typo in FormWidget's JS & CSS stub files

Translation Improvements:

  • Improved Finnish translation

To see the entire October CMS changelog, visit octobercms.com/changelog. This changelog was automatically pulled from the official October CMS changelog repository here.