[Ended] Limited Edition "Getting Back To Basics" October CMS T-Shirt Now Available

[Ended] Limited Edition "Getting Back To Basics" October CMS T-Shirt Now Available

Update Dec 26: The campaign has officially ended 😣 and I would like to thank all of you for your support 🙌! For those who ordered a T-Shirt, expect it to be shipped out on January 3, 2020 🎉. We have sold a total of 9 T-Shirts within ~22 days! While it may seem like a small amount, this is actually the first step for what's to come. 👋

When I first started October News, I went in with a goal in mind - to grow the October CMS community and keep everyone in the loop on what's happening. For this reason, I've decided to launch a T-Shirt campaign that not only looks good, but will also support the development of October CMS.

This campaign will run until December 25th (Christmas) and will be the only time I sell this T-Shirt design. A portion of T-Shirt profits will go towards the October CMS fundraiser or support the community in other ways. Your contribution to this campaign will earn you a shoutout on October News. Thank you!

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What About Stickers?

Initially, I was going to mail out five October stickers to the first 10 orders, but unfortunatly, Bonfire.com is not able to provide me customer shipping information. Which means all of your personal information is kept private (good news!) but then I'll have to find other ways to send October stickers.