Learn New Tricks With October Tricks

Learn New Tricks With October Tricks

October Tricks is an open source project by OFFLINE and it aims to provide the best solutions to everyday problems that an October developer might encounter. Whether you're a beginner or a senior developer, you'll learn something new at October Tricks from topics such as Backend, Plugin Development, CMS, Twig, Themes, and Deployment. Learn new tips and tricks or create your own that others will find useful. Creating an account is very quick and easy to get you started; simply visit octobertricks.com/account to sign up and start writing your first trick.

As a user myself, I went ahead and added my own tricks that others may find useful. One of which consists of using Twig to display the current year.

Display current year in Twig via OctoberTricks.com Source: https://octobertricks.com/tricks/display-current-year-in-twig

While it may look simple, I find that beginners could learn just how easy it is to display the current year in Twig. I would always refer myself back to this trick to, not only to display the current year, but to also display the current datetime as well through the use of PHP's date function.


Feel free to share your ideas on improving the website. You can find the official October Tricks source code on GitHub.

October Tricks source code on GitHub